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The historical Salem jail on St. Peter’s street in Salem, MA, one of the oldest prisons in the area (having functioned for 177 years) has been converted into a restaurant called “The Great Escape”.

The jail had an interesting history - it held the supposed (and as of today confirmed) Boston Strangler, and approximately 50 hangings had taken place there. Conditions were so bad that in the mid 1900s or so, prisoners were still using chamber pots. 

It is adjacent from the Howard Street cemetery, where Giles Corey was executed by the town sheriff in 1692, accused of being a witch. There’s lots of talk about the cemetery grounds and the prison being haunted, from accounts of people seeing lights on in the abandoned prison, to shadowy figures moving across the yard and the cemetery, to strange noises. 

I ate at the restaurant tonight, and it was actually pretty cool. It is located in the part of the prison that was the laundry room. And the bar is actually made out of prison bars. woooow. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was interesting. 

If you live in the area, I’d recommend it. 

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